Preparing Your Quote Date

For an accurate quote by email we need.... 

Perhaps you can cut and paste this into your email ( ) and type your answers next to the subject line - please see the notes below.. )

The dimensions:

height & width & depth

Is it framed ( please include the frame size )?

Is it under glass in the frame ( or plexi / acrylic etc )?

If you have more than one piece please let us have an accurate list.

Collection Address 
Town/city name and or full postcode.

Delivery Address
Usually a town/city name and full post/zip code will suffice.

The expected delivery date
When is your client expecting the piece to arrive?

Export Terms
We need to know whether your items are leaving the UK on a permanent or temporary basis

Is it part of a commercial shipment ( i.e. you have sold to to someone ) or is it personal effect ( i.e gift for family or part of move abroad etc )?


Insurance - Yes please or no thank you. It it's a Yes tell us how much the item ( or items ) are worth



For Paintings / Prints:

The frame dimensions:

height & width & depth ( includung the frame/stretcher )

Mixed Media / Light Boxes

The external dims, do we need to provide extra space for electrical plugs, adapters, wires etc

For Bronze / Sculpture:

The height, width and depth. Please measure to the furthest extremities, fingers, tails, extrusions etc. We also need an accurate weight. It is very helpful if you can email us an image too.

Antiques and alike:  

Accurate dimensions, height, width and depth and an idea of the weight. Again, if you can email us an image it's very helpful.

Once we have all the above we can quickly calculate the costs and transit times.

Also, it really helps us to know where or how you found us, so we know where to keep advertising etc. i.e. did a google search, yahoo, bing etc. or anyone of the various links and ads we place - Thanks very much 

Overseas Collections

If you have something based outside the UK, that you'd like to be shipped back to the UK, we have a worldwide network of packing agents we can call upon to assist. They act on our behalf, collecting, packing and shipping back to the UK. For a quote we need the above information, please see our Customs Assistance page for more details about UK customs entry.

Bronzes - There will be times when we don't expect you to know the exact weight....... especially on this monster!!


This bronze measures 8ft in diameter and is 6ft high

We trucked this for a private client to be exhibited in Nottinghamshire