Cost Comparison

HMC collect a glazed painting in London bound for Beverley Hills.

Dimensions 70cm wide x 90cm high x 5cm deep 
Weight 7Kg 
Delivery required within 7 days.
Permanent export

HMC build a crate, dimensions 90cm high x 103cm long x 18cm wide

We collect, build a crate, pack it, fly it and deliver, door to door and on time to USA for £431

FedEx would charge you £524 for the air freight alone - or £473 on their economy service
you’d still have to pay someone to make your crate on top of that.

That's a saving over 20% on the airfreight charge alone - and our quote includes your crate too!!

It's because we are an international courier firm we get volume discounts on our art and non art related consignments. We pass these discounts directly on to our clients.