What's Next

Once we have agreed a price a suitable collection time is arranged. Our driver will usually arrive with some basic packing materials, usually foam, transport blankets and/or bubble wrap etc. It really depends on what we’re collecting. The driver will safely and securely return your item to our warehouse in central London for packing and crating. Please make sure that any paintings have properly dried before we collect them!! We rarely pack on site but have done so in the past – an extremely fragile sculpture may require in-situ packing and crating.

We measure the piece and begin construction of the crate. Your fine art is wrapped in in special PH neutral tissue paper, then gently encased in special packing foam, usually 50mm to 100mm in all directions. We’re happy to carry glazed paintings, a layer of glass protection tape will protect the canvas/paper below.

Sculptures and bronzes may well be suspended within the crate.

HMC don’t stock any crates, they’re all custom made, so your fine art fits beautifully inside.

You might recognise this piece, we delivered it to Jersey