EORI Number

UK Customs require that all VAT registered firms and all NON VAT registered individuals/firms apply for an EORI number.

If you have not already registered you will need to follow the instructions below in order to allow exports and imports against your VAT number..

click this link    www.hmrc.gov.uk 

In the search box ( top middle of the screen ) type C220 - For NON VAT registered applications please search for C220A

Download the top search result

Complete correct form; fill out parts A and C. 

Email your forms and required documents to:


Once registered you will be clear to import/export and will be issued three extra numbers to go on the end of your current VAT number. This longer number is your EORI number.

You should receive your new number in a week or so once your form has been submitted.

We suggest all galleries etc. apply for their EORI number soon; this will certainly avoid delays during shipping.

For those wondering what EORI stands for.....

Economic Operators Registration and Indentification